Painful and annoying – urinary-tract infections can also affect young adults. Alta uro offers you an extensive diagnostic verification and compiles an individual therapy schedule thanks to which urinary-tract infections will soon be a thing of the past.

What causes urinary-tract infections?

Urinary-tract infections are caused by a defence action of the body to bacteria in the urine, which find their way to the bladder via the urethra. Contributing facts include female sex (because of women’s shorter urethra), or a residual-urine accumulation. A distinction is made between acute infections occurring once and repeated infections. While occasional infections in women are usually unproblematic, men need further diagnostic examinations after infections.

Which examinations and tests are required for urinary tract infections?

The standard includes a urine test. This involves identifying the bacteria causing the infection and testing for responsiveness to antibiotics. In addition to a physical examination, an ultrasound scan of the kidneys and bladder are part of the routine diagnostic procedure. In the case of recurring infections, a cystoscopy and, possibly, an X-ray examination may be necessary.

What treatments does alta uro offer for urinary-tract infections?

As a rule, an acute urinary-tract infection requires a therapy with antibiotics. As an alternative, herbal preparations can also be used. In rare cases, if the infection is accompanied by fever and elevated levels of infection in the blood, a hospital stay may be indicated. If women suffer recurring urinary-tract infections, either boosting the body’s own defences with specially developed active substances or a vaccination are highly effective. In addition, a local therapy with lactic-acid preparations may strengthen the natural protective function. If the infections particularly occur after sexual activity, a therapy with antibiotics after sexual intercourse may improve the situation. In the case of a persistent recurrence of infections, a long-term, low-level therapy with antibiotics often is the treatment of choice. An alternative in this situation is medication introduced into the bladder via catheter to restore the natural, local protective function of the bladder.

Repeated urinary-tract infections in men always require further testing and diagnostic procedures. Often, a problem to fully empty the bladder is the cause of the infections. That’s why a therapy of the underlying cause is a priority here.

What expertise does alta uro have in the field of urinary-tract infections?

Alta uro is pleased to have university lecturer PD Dr. Gernot Bonkat, one of the leading experts in the field of urinary-tract infections, on its team. As Chairman of the European Association of Urology (EAU) Urological Infections Guidelines Panel, our patients benefit from the most recent scientific findings.