Frequent urination, a constant urge to urinate – but no inflammation of the bladder (cystitis)! Such symptoms can affect teenagers and young adults, too. At alta uro, we shall address your symptoms, so the urge to urinate will soon be a thing of the past.

What are the possible causes of an irritable bladder?

Strictly speaking, the term of “irritable bladder” only refers to situations of an annoyingly frequent urge to urinate for which no other causes can be found. In the case of an irritable bladder, the bladder function is impaired. The young people thus affected, feel the need to urinate much more often than physically necessary. In addition, there may be an involuntary loss of urine.

A constant urge to urinate or incontinence can occur due to many other conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases, neurological diseases, a narrowing of the bladder neck, tumours, mental illnesses, or a chronic inflammation of the bladder (interstitial cystitis).

What diagnostic procedures are performed for an irritable bladder?

Initially, the most important things is a detailed discussion with the patients, for which we schedule a lot of time as this will provide us with valuable information. Quite often, a so-called drinking and micturition protocol will be required. For this purpose, patients have to document how much they drink and measure the amount of their urine with a measuring cup. This documentation allows us to draw the first conclusions as to the function or dysfunction of the bladder. This is followed by a physical examination, a urine test, and an ultrasound scan. Additional diagnostics depend on the type of symptoms and include, for example, a bladder examination (cystoscopy) or a measuring of bladder pressure (so-called urodynamic testing).

What are the treatment options for an irritable bladder?

The chosen type of treatment will depend on the underlying disease. In the case of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), an antibiotic therapy is used. If the cause is a tension or cramping of muscles of the pelvic floor or increased stress, specific exercises to train the bladder and relaxation techniques using physiotherapy are highly effective. Certain foods may also cause an irritation of the bladder, so that adjustments are also very promising in this case.

The alta uro team of physicians always applies a therapeutic concept finely tailored to the respective cause of the irritable bladder. Thanks to this concept, which is adapted to those affected by the complaint in as optimum a manner as possible, quite satisfactory therapeutic results may be achieved.