Our priority at alta uro: minimally-invasive surgery of kidney cancer with the Da Vinci surgical robot. The less strenuous the operation, the faster your recovery.

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer is a disease in which the cells in the kidney change in such a way that they grow unchecked. Today, most kidney tumours are discovered by chance within the scope of an imaging procedure. Therefore, fortunately, the tumours are often in an early stage so that a cure is possible in most cases thanks to a correct therapeutical approach.

What treatment is needed?

If a kidney cancer is suspected, an extensive computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will be required for a more accurate assessment. Thanks to these methods, tumour foci and the extent and, possibly, metastases in other organs may be identified. Imaging procedures usually can distinguish quite clearly between benign changes of a kidney and kidney cancer. If the suspicion of a kidney cancer should be confirmed though, surgery is unavoidable. In selected cases of small tumours, patients with serious secondary diseases may simply be monitored.

What treatments and therapies for kidney cancer does alta uro offer?

Alta uro focuses on a minimally-invasive therapy of kidney tumours. In the majority of cases, the operation is performed with the Da Vinci surgical robot. This technique enables us to operate in a highly precise manner and remove only the tumour-bearing part of the kidney, while sparing the healthy part of the kidney. This has the following advantages for our patients:

  • less pain after the operation,
  • rapid recovery,
  • a short hospital stay,
  • a long-term protection of the kidney function,
  • no cosmetically unattractive and large scars.

If the tumour is very large or close to critical physical structures, it may be necessary to remove the entire kidney. In rare cases, open kidney surgery may then be necessary.