A weak urinary stream, urination at night, disturbing urge to urinate – all these can be signs of benign prostate enlargement. At alta uro, the therapy of benign prostate enlargement is one of our main focuses.

What is a benign prostate enlargement?

In a benign prostate enlargement, tissue grows in the area of the prostate that surrounds the urethra. This increases resistance to urination which, in turn, can lead to difficulties in urinating.

What symptoms does a benign prostate enlargement or BPE (also called benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH) cause?

A benign increase in size of the prostate gland can cause a variety of symptoms, including, a.o., trouble starting to urinate, a weak urinary stream, pressing to urinate, or the sensation of an incomplete emptying of the bladder. In addition, a prostate enlargement may also be responsible for bleeding. Characteristically, blood visible to the eye is then found in the urine. Also, a so-called acute urinary retention, i.e., a sudden inability to urinate, usually is the result of an enlarged prostate.

What treatments does alta uro offer for benign prostate enlargement?

The treatment focuses on the complaints of the individual patient. If the symptoms are not all that bothersome and if the urological examination does not reveal any serious findings, a drug-based therapy is possible. Nowadays, there are various medications, which can also be individually combined, depending on the size of the prostate and the symptoms.

If the response to the medication should not be satisfactory or if there is repeated urinary retention, surgery will be necessary. In such a case, alta uro offers the whole range of minimally invasive and innovative therapies. The choice of procedure is adapted to the individual circumstances and wishes of our patients.

  • Bipolar TURP – the “classical” prostate resection, performed with the help of state-of-the-art technology
  • GreenLight laser vaporization of the prostate – a particularly gentle and safe surgical procedure
  • Aquablation – the very first robotic surgical procedure to treat benign prostate enlargement, ideal for patients who want to preserve ejaculation
  • Adenoma enucleation with the help of the Da Vinci surgical robot – in particular for patients with a very large prostate