Commonplace complaints for which you should make an appointment with a urologist include:

Blood in the urine

An important reason to immediately make an appointment. Even if the blood was only visible in the urine once, this may be a sign of serious diseases such as, e.g., bladder cancer.

Pain in the kidney area

Pain in the kidney area may indicate kidney or ureter stones. Here, too, an appointment with a urologist is important in order to clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

Pain in the testicles or a hardening of the testicles

Should you feel pain in the testicles or a hardening of the testicles, it is also very important to consult an urologist. In many cases, the cause of the symptoms is an inflammation or infection. In rare cases, however, it is a sign of testicular cancer, so that the diagnosis should not be delayed.

Discharge from the urethra

A discharge from the urethra can be a sign of sexually transmitted diseases. Here, too, a quick presentation to the urologist is necessary to initiate the appropriate treatment.

Difficulty in urinating or too frequent urination

There are various reasons for this. In men, it tends to be a benign enlargement of the prostate. But women, too, may suffer greatly from excessive urination. An in-depth conversation and a thorough urological examination will allow a diagnosis and help initiate the appropriate treatment.

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