Shock-wave therapy has been used in urology for many years in the treatment of kidney stones. In the last 10 years, it could be shown that this therapy with its low-energy shock waves can also be successfully used to treat erectile dysfunction and penile curvature.

How is an erectile dysfunction treated with shock waves?

As an alternative to drug therapies, alta uro also performs extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) to improve erectile dysfunction. For this purpose, shock waves are delivered to various areas of the penis. The therapy can cause narrowed or damaged blood vessels to permanently recover. The formation of new blood vessels in the erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum) can lead to a better blood circulation in the penis and, consequently, an improved erection. This treatment is particularly suitable for men whose blood vessels are not yet too badly damaged.

Is shock-wave therapy also possible in the case of penile curvature?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESTW) represents an alternative to drug therapy in the acute phase of penile curvature (Induration Penis Plastica, IPP). Shock waves are delivered to the affected area of the penis. It is assumed that the ESWT destroys calcified structures and improves blood circulation with a subsequent reabsorption of the calcification. This therapy in particular relieves pain. However, in spite of extensive studies no permanent improvement of the curvature has been shown beyond doubt to date.

How long does the treatment take?

A treatment will take about 15-20 minutes. Depending on the degree of severity, between 6 and 10 therapy sessions are necessary. The therapy is absolutely painless and carried out on an outpatient basis in our clinic.